Packing in the attendees, every panel offered something to learn from, whether you were into the discussion subject or not, as shown below with a brief description of each session.  This weekend's explorations delved straight into the heart of current fandom that lies in the surging excitement of fan fiction, cosplay, collectors gatherings, as well as new and exciting anime shows, video games, and manga to focus on for the next year.

Project A-Kon 14
Panels and

Self-Publishing: Experienced writers gave helpful tips and insight into the world of publishing your own novels or graphics stories.  Topics included proper use of good cover art, clarity of print, choosing an appropriate title for your story, mastering your budget and time, and communication with various publishers and bookstores.
Cosplay Done Right: Experienced cosplayers Lisa Honeychan and Tristen Citrine led a cosplay panel involving topics such as presentation skits needing to be kept relatively short, choosing drama, action, or comedy for skits, practicing hall presentation, doing characters you like, and focusing on wigs, wings, headdresses, various props, paying attention to weapons policies, and much more.

Antarctic Press: AP Industry Guests including Fred Perry and Ben Dunn gave a roadmap into the future that included webcomics environment, more fan publishings, new releases, and staying true to the independent comics publishing that tackle the collectors market many fans hold very dearly.

Divine Divas of Voice Acting: Voice celebrities Amanda Winn-Lee, Amy Howard Wilson, Monica Rial, Stephanie Naldony, and Tiffany Grant led their dedicated fans on a virtual trip through their voice-acting life with topics including training, direction, studio life, character favorites, fun times with Excel Saga, working alongside other great voice actors, and much more.

Don't Quit Your Day Job: So much to learn and so little time, but these experienced writers led the audience into details about writing contests, fiction judging, holding various workshops, putting together anthologies, short stories, spelling and grammar basics, publishing, and much more all in "The Handy Dandy How to be a Writer Kit"!

Fan Fiction: The fan fiction communities are rapidly expanding and panelists were on hand to outline the introduction into fanfics as well as address various fanfic concerns such as crossovers, comedies, action elements, clichés, improvements, character developments, and dealing with constructive criticisms.

Cosplay in Japan: Experienced cosplayers Lisa Honeychan and Tristen Citrine led another big panel on cosplay in Japan detailing their cosplay trips to Comiket, Tokyo Game Show, and Cisplay Festa.  Highlights included shopping trip stories, the classic Sailor Venus restroom story, and meeting up with all the very excited Japanese cosplayers for big cosplay photoshoot gatherings.
Why We Like Our Jobs (or at least fake it!): Jan Scott Frazier, Jason and Amanda Winn Lee, Amy Howard-Wilson, and Kyle Herbert tell it like it is to the audience.  Subjects included their funniest stories in the anime industry world, practicing voice and animation direction and producing, doing video game voices, goofing up on voice timings, and other rare treats only panels like these could capture.

Additional panels, discussions, and workshops held throughout the busy Project A-Kon 14 weekend included: Directing Dubs, Voice Acting: A New Hope, Cel Painting with Steve Bennett, How to Make and Promote your own Anime Movie, Who Are The Nine? - Secrets Revealed, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Getting Your Girlfriend to Game, We're Not Dead Yet and the Future of LRG (Living Room Gaming), Japanese Dramas, Bellydancing to Anime Music, Writing for Anime News Outlets, Anime 101: A Parent's Guide, Funinmation, NewTek, Skunk Comics, Media Blasters, Top Ten Mistakes of New Writers, What is, Who is Academy Award Winner Miyazaki?, Tax Man Cometh: Practical Suggestions for the Business of Writing, Mike's Art Block Thingy!, Flash Animation, Photoshop Workshop, Voice Acting Strikes Back!, Duel Jewel Q&A, All Things Bob Bergen, RPG Designs for Beginners, Anime Musicals, Doujinshi, Music Videos, AD Vision, Radio Comix, Bandai Entertainment, Central Park Media, World Building 101, Live Action Role Playing, Shwn the Touched's Animating for Real!, Yaoi Fest, Rocky Horror Picture Show, In Nomine Heaven and Hell Demonstration, Camino Q&A, State of the Japanese Industry, Creating and Producing Anime by Animate 2000, inc., Offline and Realtime, Raijin Comics, I.C. Entertainment, DNA Studios, Iron Maidens: The Kickass Heroines of SF&F, Voice Acting: Attack of the Dubs!, Old Fashioned Art, Directing and Producing, Voice Acting: The New Dub Order, Adding Anime Flare to Any RPG, FUNinmation Editing, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Parapara, Writing for Fun!, Boardie Bye Bye, Webcomics, What is Dementia 7 Studios up to?, Self-promotion Primer for Writers, There's a Sucker Born Every Minute, and much more!

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