With a host of excellent walk-on displays and great skit presentations, this year's Project A-Kon 14 Cosplay Contest yielded lots of characters from shows and video games including: Chobits, Ah! My Goddess!, Paradise Kiss, Protoman, Excel Saga, Legend of Zelda, Spirited Away, Heavy Gear, Final Fantasy X, Sailor Moon, Boogiepop Phantom, Change of Heart, Inuyasha, The Matrix, Escaflowne, Hellsing, Magic User's Club, Game Samurai, Guilty Gear X, Sailor Moon Stars, Magna Carta, Princess Mononoke, Shaman King, The Transformers, Fushigi Yugi, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Rurouni Kenshin, Grandia II, Suikoden, Berserk, Captain Harlock, Kingdom Hearts, Frame, Trigun, DNA^2, GTO, Angel Sanctuary, and many more.

Project A-Kon 14
Saturday Night Cosplay Contest
Page 3

#42 Inuyasha displays his martial arts form and power but whoops, only a few small weaknesses...  Sit! Sit! Sit!
#47 It's Link the Hero of Time vs. Airport Security with another Public Service Announcement: "Tread softly and carry a crappy plastic sword!"
Winner! Elin Winkler's Judge's Choice Award

#51 It's another Final Fantasy X yaoi story between Wakka and Tidus.  
Feel the brotherly love!
#54 It's the battle Final Fantasy VII has never shown as our victorious heroes resort to verbally insulting Sephiroth's "Mother" with rounds of hilarious "Yo Momma" jokes.

#57 It's another round of the Anime Dating Game as one lovely and lonely bachelorette attempts to restore her faith in men through choices of Mega Playboy, GTO, and Wolfwood.  You've lost that lovin' feeling~~  Winner! Best Skit Presentation
#58 Against an industrial soundtrack and sexy choreography, the entire Angel Sanctuary epic is presented on stage in this 
spectacular reenactment of the story of a fallen angel and the glorious battle between Heaven and Hell.  Rosiel of Hell commands 
Ruri to commit the final deed to bring down Setsuna and his sister/lover Sara.  But Alexiel of Heaven awakens within Setsuna 
and joins with her lover Lucifer to bring a final end to Rosiel for the future of the Angel Sanctuary.

Winner! Best in Show

Project A-Kon 14 Children's Awards:
#1 Chobits girl
#14 Kouga from Inuyasha

Project A-Kon 14 Judge's Choice Awards: 
Steve Bennett's "Very nice boots" Judge's Choice Award: #39 Grandia II
Elin Winkler's Judge's Choice Award: #47 Link vs. Airport Security
Nov Takahashi's Judge's Choice Award: #17 Neo, Trinity, and the Agents from The Matrix
Lisa Honeychan's Judge's Choice Award: #32 The Search for the Holy Sake Cup
Tristen Citrine's Judge's Choice Award: #3 Arashi and Miwako from Paradise Kiss

Project A-Kon 14 Stage Presentation Awards
Best Stage Presence: #35 Japanese bride from Anime Anonymous skit
Best Technical: #31 Starscream from The Transformers
Most Original: #38 Chocobo Lake
Most Humorous: #36 Microsoft's Mega-Chii
Best Skit Presentation: #57 Anime Dating Game
3rd Place Overall #7 Yu-Baaba from Spirited Away
2nd Place Overall #2 Belldandy and Skuld
Best in Show: #58 Angel Sanctuary

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