With a host of excellent walk-on displays and great skit presentations, this year's Project A-Kon 14 Cosplay Contest yielded lots of characters from shows and video games including: Chobits, Ah! My Goddess!, Paradise Kiss, Protoman, Excel Saga, Legend of Zelda, Spirited Away, Heavy Gear, Final Fantasy X, Sailor Moon, Boogiepop Phantom, Change of Heart, Inuyasha, The Matrix, Escaflowne, Hellsing, Magic User's Club, Game Samurai, Guilty Gear X, Sailor Moon Stars, Magna Carta, Princess Mononoke, Shaman King, The Transformers, Fushigi Yugi, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Rurouni Kenshin, Grandia II, Suikoden, Berserk, Captain Harlock, Kingdom Hearts, Frame, Trigun, DNA^2, GTO, Angel Sanctuary, and many more.

Project A-Kon 14
Saturday Night Cosplay Contest
Page 2

#29 Inuyasha vs. The Fanboy: Oh the horrors of wreaking fanboy stench!  Time for the power of Soap on a Rope!

#31 Starscream from The Transformers makes a grand walk-on presence!
Winner! Best Technical
#32 The Search for the Holy Sake Cup included zany adventures with Hideki and Sumomo from Chobits, Miroku from Inu Yasha, Miyu from Vampire Princess Miyu, Ino from Naruto, and Akon security.
Winner! Lisa Honeychan's Judge's Choice Award

#34 What's in Kenshin's pants?  Kenshin pulls out from his wearables quite a bit random odd items collected throughout his journeys.
#35 A good-natured Japanese bride hosts an Anime Anonymous session with all the wrong attendees...
Best Stage Presence
#36 Microsoft's Cho-Byte series releases a new Mega-Chii, but uh oh, it's got a few minor bugs to work out!
Winner! Most Humorous

#37 J-Rock Celebs Gackt, Kozi, and others hit the stage with glittering wings and fanciful background orchestrals. 
#38 A Swan Lake play is cancelled but quickly rescued as the perky Cho-quettes valiantly attempt a Final Fantasy version of it entitled "Chocobo Lake".
Winner! Most Original
#39 Grandia II
Winner! Steve Bennett's "Very nice boots" Judge's Choice Award
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