The rooms for Live Action Role Playing and traditional tabletop RPG were packed solid throughout the weekend with numerous sci-fi and fantasy fans deeply involved in their intent to battle orcs, demons, and who knows what's out there.  A little too high from the latest Lord of the Rings movie?  Doesn't matter, as long as you got the spirit, you can join in the battle for the future!  Justice must prevail!  Honor thy King!

Project A-Kon 14
Gaming Rooms: RPG, LARP

Guardians of the Classic Battletech Mechwarriors Guild held an exciting round-by-round marathon of games including: T.A.G.: Clan Style, Sole Survivor, Take the City, Garden Party V: The Game that never ends?, Helm's Deep, Part 1, Lawyers, Guns, and Money: CBT Commando Event Scenario 4, Helm's Deep, Part 2, Rastadt is Bear Owned?, A dance with the devil in the pale moonlight..., and Kill the Giants 

The Crossroads RPG and Live Action Role-Playing fans led their high fantasy live-action role playing game with adventures filled on battling hordes of nasty goblins and evil things that go bump in the night. Fantasy characters included the usual assortment of elves, dwarves, humans, ogres, trolls, minotaurs, fae, goblins, and even an undead spookster. An extensive system of skills, abilities, virtues, flaws, and magic spells ensured that every character introduced were unique.

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