From game shows to concerts to guest celebrities, wow!  A large turnout of amazing sights and sounds to experience for the busy A-kon 14 weekend led to a tremendous climb in attendance for this year!

Project A-Kon 14
Main Events

Main Events:  From opening ceremonies to closing ceremonies, the major rooms were packed with attendees filling up on their weekend entertainment.  Main events this year included numerous game shows, concerts, guest banquets, and lots of special surprises!  Following is the list of scheduled events for A-Kon 14: Concerts for Duel Jewel and Camino, Anime Name That Tune!, Anime: Win, Lose, or Draw!, Iron Cosplay, The Last Anime Match Game!, Anime Press Your Luck!, Charity Auction, Fanboy Feud, Meet the Guests Banquet, and a renewal of marriage vows for Project A-Kon veterans Meri and Dean Davis!

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