So much to do and so little time to do it in!  Project A-Kon 14 hosted numerous extras that come with every convention.  Besides the usual gourmet of panels and workshops, attendees could participate in the Art Show, the J-Pop Cosplay and Entertainment Room, Alt.Fan.Sailor.Moon news group parties, Scavenger Hunts, Modeling Show, Parapara Dancing Demonstrations, or just catch a few shows in the many video rooms along the bottom floors.

Project A-Kon 14
Convention Extras

 Merchandise!  Getcher merchandise!  Project A-Kon had plenty to sell to their dedicated A-Kon fanbase, many of whom had been there since the very beginning.  Just when you think your finished with the Dealers Room, oh you KNOW you gotta get some souvenirs for yourself and ... yourself!

 Information and Safety: Project A-Kon is well-known to have a very strong medical team embedded within its own staff base and many were dispatched around the convention making sure fangoers were doing well and having a good time.  As such, the hotel can be a bit tricky to get around, but Information Desk were quick to point out the direct routes to get you on your way to the next panel!

 Modeling Show: Inside the dealers room, attendees could take a gander at the awesome spectacle of customized resin kits on display, many not for sale of course, and learn some tips and tricks of the modeling trade from the creators themselves who worked the table.  Sponsored by Advanced Visual Design, Subjects included various kits like tanks, planes, figurines, RPG armies, and much more.

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