Located in the middle of Ikebukuro, Sunshine City 60, AX Tokyo 2004 held all of its events and attractions inside the World Import Mart and Bunka Kaikan buildings with a multitude of floors and exhibition halls all hosting ongoing events and activities.  For those who are used to American-style anime conventions, AX Tokyo was an eye-opener for how Japanese hold conventions (mostly sci-fi) in a land surrounded by anime and manga.  No need for a dealers room when right across the street was Animate and K-Book with 8 floors of anime and manga and gaming pleasures no dealers room in America could ever beat.  Located around the Sunshine City 60 mall area below the convention center was the NamjaTown gaming plaza, Sega Gaming building, Sakura Taisen cafe, Gamers and Broccoli anime goods stores, and a dizzying array of hundreds of stores the likes of which would make any American anime fan gush tears of joy in the middle of the street.  And did we mention that a few minutes train ride away are Tokyo realms of Akihabara hobbyists dream city, Shibuya fashion central, and the fantastic Shinjuku?

Anime Expo Tokyo 2004
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