AX Tokyo 2004's Exhibition area held a multitude of Event Booths offering the latest news and paraphernalia advertising various anime, manga, games, and everything in between.  If you wanted to meet an anime celebrity, get hooked up at a real anime production studio, play the latest video games, or see the latest designs from anime not yet seen in America, this was definitely the place to be!  Various companies attending throughout the weekend included: Production I.G.'s "Innocence" Production Committee, Bandai Visual with new .hack-related promotional items, Cosplay "Creamy Cafe" with cosplay waitresses serving up muffins and fresh brewed coffee, Media Factory, Commit Cel Sales, Nippon Engineering College with enrollments open for students interested in voice acting and anime/manga production and design, Tokyo Communication Arts with enrollments open for anime/manga production, Bothtec with "Legend of Galactic Heroes" online game demonstrations, Studio Pierrot with the latest "Naruto" and "Saiyuki" items for sale, Idea Factory with latest gaming demonstrations, Organic, Frontier Works, and Art Collection House with the latest anime celebrity arts for sale.

Anime Expo Tokyo 2004
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