Anime Expo 1993 cranked up the noise in Parc Oakland Hotel and Oakland Convention Center through July 2-4th with a healthy load of Guests of Honor, Industry and Fan Panels, film premieres, computer animation workshops, costuming, game shows, art shows, karaoke, various contests, and a whole lot more to make sure fans took advantage of every single minute of the anime-packed weekend extravaganza.

Guests of Honor panels included: 
Introduction to Computer Animation by Jeff Pidgeon
The Fine Art of Computer Animation by Scott Frazier, Junco Ito, and Jeff Pidgeon
International Animation Fandom, by Michael Studte
Modeling (How to... scratch build, and stock kits) by Takayuki Takeya and Makoto Kobayashi
Character Design by Keita Amemiya, Makoto Kobayashi, and Takayuki Takeya
Japanese Live Action Shows and Movies by Ricky Chau and Tonhhyun Kim
The Making and Care of Animation Cels by Paul Wilson and Scott Frazier
Producing Anime by Scott Frazier, Junco Ito, Yasihiro Imagawa, and Masatoshi Tahara
Special Effects in J-Live Action by Takayuki Takeya and Keita Amemiya
Giant Robo by Makoto Kobayashi and Yasuhiro Imagawa

Anime and manga panels included: 
Classic Anime (pre-1970s), Sailor Moon, Lodoss Wars, Maison Ikkoku, Gundam, Captain Tylor, Ah! My Goddess!, Space Cruiser Yamato (Star Blazers), "H" the Hentai Panel

Anime community panels included: 
Anime and Manga Clubs by Darold Higa and Michael Studte
Anime Online by Albert Wong
Science and Fiction by Walter Amos and Eric Luce
Tokuma by Dennis Edlund
Viz Communications by Trish Ledoux
Magical Girls by Hitoshi Doi
Industry Gaijin Survival by Scott Frazier

Also featured: Otakus, Anime Music, Trends and Future of Anime, Magazines and Publications, Anime and Culture, Mecha, Fan Art, Translators, and much much more!

The Anime Expo 1993 Costume Contest (no, it wasn't called Masquerade just yet!) found a greater variety of cool costumes from the hottest anime and manga sources at that time.  Following is an assortment of AX93 costume images we've managed to gather that were inspired from: Project A-ko, Appleseed, Gundam, Bubblegum Crisis, Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura, Silent Mobius, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Giant Robo, Captain Harlock, and many more!



Art Show and Artists Alley saw to it that spirited fans of the holy sketchpad could crank out numerous pieces for a few bucks or exhibit and auction off for higher profits.  Following in the footsteps of AX92, AX93 saw a notably greater increase in the number of fans participating in the flourishing anime art renaissance.

Art Auction gathered in a nice crowd of enthusiastic fans interested in bidding on numerous masterpieces in the Art Show, some of the pieces shown above like our own AX93 signed by all the Guests and a glorious P-chan cel that wowed the audience with a whopping (hold your breath now)... $105 winning bid.  Hey, it was a high price at that time!  We held back the name of the bidder to protect his staffer innocence (hehehe).

SPJA Industry Awards: 
Best Anime Expo Premiere: Giant Robo 3
Best Subbed/Dubbed AX Premiere: Tenchi Muyo!
Best Film: Porco Rosso
Best OAV Series: Video Girl Ai
Best TV Series: Ranma 1/2
Most Popular Male Character: Ranma 1/2
Most Popular Female Character: Ranma 1/2
Most Popular Non-Human Character: Porco Rosso
Best Anime Album: Record of Lodoss War II
Best Manga: Ranma 1/2
Best American Animated Film/Series: Jurassic Park
Best Subbed/Dubbed Film: Porco Rosso
Best Subbed/Dubbed OAV: Sol Bianca (AD Vision)
Outstanding Subbing/Dubbing Company: AD Vision
Outstanding Comic Company: Viz
Outstanding Computer Imagery Company: PIXAR
Best Anime Publication: Animerica (Viz)
Best Translated Manga: Ranma 1/2 (Viz) 

Modeling Contest Winners:
Grand Prize
Narcasse (scratch build) by Crystal Gronnestad

Mecha Division
First Place Led Mirage (Stock kit) by Ray Rappaport
Second Place Zwarth (Stock kit) by Chris Butler
Third Place X-O Zero (Stock kit) by Ian Brozozog

Character Division

First Place Zeiram (Stock kit) by Chris Butler
Second Place Darkness (Stock kit) by Crystal Gronnestad
Third Place Ukyou (Stock kit) by Matthew Chow


First Place Late Knight Encounter (Scrtach build) by William Montelon
Second Place Appleseed MK4 APSD (Scratch build) by William Martinez
Third Place Nausicaa (Stock kit) by Taku Otsuka
Anime Music Video Contest Winners:
Most Original Concept: Mark Chadwick for "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", music by The Police
Best Technical Elements in a Video (three-way tie):
Kyuketsuki Productions, director Brad Kelley for "Iczer-1", music by Metallica
Albert Wang and Ken Tsai for "Lodoss Wars", music by Enya
Ken Tsai for "Miyu", music from Beauty and the Beast soundtrack
Best Composition: Mark Chadwick for "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", music by The Police
Best Anime Music Video for 1993: Mark Chadwick for "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", music by The Police
Video Staff Honorable Mention: Japanese Animation of Olympic College "Mister Ray" for his original and amusing Pop Chaser/Akira/Project A-Ko commercials entitled "I Love Little Girls"

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