Panels, panels, and more panels, and did we forget discussion time for Q&As?  From voice acting sessions to anime clubs, Guests of Honor to game shows, AX2006 had more panels and events than even the craziest single attendee could even attend.  With so much stuff to see and do, it proved extremely challenging to provide coverage on most of the panels, but LLNN managed to capture some of the highlights of weekend.

Anime Expo 2006
Panels and Workshops

 Gaia Online: With over 100,000 users, Gaia Online has enjoyed incredible success at being the king of the anime and manga online community featuring a library of fan-inspired anime art, popular links of the day, RPG discussion forums with unique customizable visual interfaces, and a money system allowing credits to enjoy additional features for the dedicated fans.
 Prominence of Visual Novels: Not just another video game, PC games for the Japanese Otaku have always been in the bishoujo genre and generally have a decent storyline to get one through the experience of owning more than just a game.  Visual novels are unique to the gaming culture and thanks to them, partnerships have been developed that also help sponsor some mainstreem anime.

 Mechanized Propulsion Systems: Panels gathered again to talk about their latest endeavors.  Primarily focused on military and city fleet usage, MPS is still working on their current prototype, have hired many new employees, and pretty much rigorously testing all the elements of designs that include guidance systems, electrical, mechanical and so forth.

 How to Draw Manga: So you wanna be a manga artist?  So you wanna be a really COOL manga artist?  Well, you gotta start small and work your way slowly upwards.  This workshop explained the basic elements of face and figure drawings and then moved towards planning and use of panels and placement of word balloons.

 JET Program: Yep, there is a way to live in Japan and see and feel the experience without going broke.  JET Program is basically sending graduated collegiates to Japan to teach English to Japanese kids, sometimes in the urban regions, sometimes further out.  Former JET teachers gathered together to talk about their rewarding experiences about real Japanese culture and also provided a list of requirements in order to be sent over.

 Fruits Basket: So what the heck is Fruits Basket?  Well, this comedy of the mostly animal party variety still remains quite the fascinating anime series for its insane play on the Chinese Zodiac as characters are mixed into every facet of the animals in the horoscope.  Basically they turn into their animal forms when a member of the family is embraced by a person of the opposite gender.  Yup, pure craziness, and the fans love it!

 Additional panels and workshops held throughout the busy Anime Expo weekend included: NEEC Voice Acting Workshop, How to Learn "Moe", Cel Collectors, Anime Singled Out, Robotech the Shadow Chronicles, J-Pop Culture 101, Copic Markers, Model Building, Geneon Entertainment, Funimation, Dark Horse Manga, Viz Media Shojo Beat, Bandai Visual, Go! Comi, Broccili, Toshiba, How Anime Comes to America, Production I.G., AD Vision, Newtype USA, Traditional Grilled Foods, Sushi Demonstration, Kimono Demonstration, Working with Leather for Cosplay, TokyoPop, Digital Manga Publishing, Gundam Experience, Frying Foods Demonstration, Art of Glowsticking, Whose Line is it Anime, Pop Japan Travel, and more.

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