OK, so you've got your plans all set for the big AX weekend!  We know you, the hardcore fan who celebrates a pre-AX tailgate party, still working on AX cosplay costumes, feverishly rushing that last bit of artwork for the Art Show, checking up on free Artists Alley spaces, sweating bullets over your favorite Anime Music Video winners results, cramped up in lines for the opening of the massive Exhibit Hall, and buying a ton of official Anime Expo merchandise to show your true AX colors.  In the heat of it all, you've checked off all the required essentials down: badges, program book with schedule, autograph schedule, and food!  And sleep?  Who needs sleep anyway?  Not at AX when you've got 24-hour Gaming Rooms, 24-hour Karaoke, tons of cosplay for your brand new digital camera, special Guests of Honor to swoon for, a bunch of panels and workshops with top-notch specialists on hand to greet your presence, and hey, plenty of time to watch videos in the big video and film rooms as well.  And that's not even touching the BIG BIG BIG Exhibit Hall that's several foot ball fields in area?  Heck, we don't know either, but it was THAT BIG.  And as they say, bigger is better and we do hope everyone enjoyed the swag, the pure insanity, and awesome anime mecca that is Anime Expo.

Anime Expo 2006
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