Anime Expo 2003 showed a tireless effort to celebrate all that is glorious in the land of anime and manga and the events were by no means stretched thin or held back. This year AX went all out to give the fans nearly everything they could possibly want and more. The menu included concerts, dinner gatherings, huge presentation theaters, classy industry awards, and a whole bunch of fan-friendly Guests of Honor to party through the weekend.

Anime Expo 2003
Main Events 1

Main events highlights featured a wonderful Yuki Kajiura concert, Duel Jewel J-Rock concert, 
J-Rock Masquerade, Mini-Masquerade, Meet the Guests Reception, SPJA Charity Art Auction, SPJA 
Industry Awards Ceremony, and much more!  And of course, who could forget the biggest attraction of 
them all, the official AX Masquerade!  For coverage of that, please see the Masquerade event pages.

   Yuki Kajiura Concert: Guest of Honor Yuki Kajiura performed a sampling of her awesome works during the Opening Ceremonies.  Held on Friday in the late afternoon, the show was an astounding success!  Ms. Kajiura played many pieces from .Hack and Noir soundtracks and her newest solo album, Fiction.

  Art Auction: With works from fans and Guests of Honor, attendees got a chance to bid and win on numerous masterpieces inspired from favorite anime and manga titles.  Definitely not an event to miss as the bidding action is consistently high and the entertainment gets better when the staffers start bidding wars!

Video and Film Rooms: Four video theaters spread throughout the Marriott hotel kept in a good attendance with hundreds of hours of shows featuring a broad range of the hottest fan favorites like .hack and Witch Hunter Robin, as well as still good-as-new classics like Irresponsible Captain Tylor and Master Keaton. The 35mm Film Theater schedule included a huge lineup of fan favorities including: The Animatrix, Sakura Wars: The Movie, Akira, Blood: The Last Vampire, Tenchi Muyo in Love, Perfect Blue, Jungle Emperor Leo, Patlabor WXIII: The Movie, Armitage III: Polymatrix, Junkers Come Here, Escaflowne, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, and Char's Counterattack, with many shown in Japanese language with English subtitles.

AX2003 Anime Music Video Contest Winners:
Otaku Outpost Sponsor's Award: Center of the Sun
Otaku Outpost Sponsor's Cajones Award: Without GTO
AMV Creators' Choice Award: Euphoria
Best of Action: Mitternaucht
Best of Drama: Center of the Sun
Best of AMtv: Stop the Rock
Staff Favorite: Euphoria
Best of Comedy, Judge's Favorite, AMV Creators' Favorite, and AMV Best of Show: The Chibi Things That Kill

  AX2003 AX Idol Winners:
Best Singing Performance: Katherine St. Onge
Best Voice Acting Performance: Tina Sells
Grand Prize Performance: Alincia Vela
Celebrity judges included: Crispin Freeman, Taliesen Jaffe, Keiichi Nozaki, Eric Sherman, and Kaeko Sakamoto.

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