Packing in the attendees, every panel offered something to learn from, whether you were into the discussion subject or not, as shown below with a brief description of each session.  This weekend's explorations delved straight into the heart of current fandom that lies in the surging excitement of fan fiction, cosplay, collectors gatherings, as well as new and exciting anime shows, video games, and manga to focus on for the next year.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 9
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Anime Arts and Crafts: Prairie Rose Clayton is no stranger to the craftier side of enjoying anime in her always delightful and inspiring workshop.  And what better way to enjoy the holidays than with crafty anime goods that you can make yourself!  Interactive activities included pumpkin carvings, party decorations, cake decorations Martha Stewart-style, and much more!  Be sure to catch a glimpse of even more anime pumpkin goodness at Prairie's website:
Making Manga Workshop: Experienced professional artist Bruce Lewis led attendees on a journey through drawing enlightenment in this informative workshop.  Topics with pictorial examples included how to make lightboxes, basic drawing tips, making a dedicated studio art space in your living arrangements, keeping an art reference library, the importance of having a comfortable work area, and exhibiting the drawing process from idea to sales distribution.
Additional panels held throughout the weekend included: Science in Anime, Academic Anime, Video Games, Non-Fans, Breaking into Comics, Cel Painting, Martial Arts, Imbrium Studios, Fan Fiction, Everyday Japan, Fan Artists, Fans on Dubs, Small Press Comics, Anime 1978, Wigs and Hair, Rock of Asia, J-Pop, History of 009, Learning Japanese, Almost an Anime, No Lyfe Dubbing, Dubs That Time Forgot, World of Yaoi, Fans and Freaks, Anime Jump, On the Air, Anime in England, Wong Japan, and much more.

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