Packing in the attendees, every panel offered something to learn from, whether you were into the discussion subject or not, as shown below with a brief description of each session.  This weekend's explorations delved straight into the heart of current fandom that lies in the surging excitement of fan fiction, cosplay, collectors gatherings, as well as new and exciting anime shows, video games, and manga to focus on for the next year.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 9
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Spot the Pirates: Experienced panelists with sharp eyes and a keen interest on spotting the fakes provided guidance on a number of items that included various artbooks, CDs, wallscrolls, translucent films for shitijikis, toys, model kits, pins, card decks, and much more.

Kimono Workshop: Think a kimono is something simple?  Think again!  Experienced kimono stylists were on hand to discuss the importance of knowing what goes into the construction and preparation of simply putting on a kimono, a centuries-old tradition never to be forgotten.

Starblazers: Fans of this groundbreaking series had a nice treat with panelists Amy Howard Wilson as Nova and Eddie Allen as Desslock both speaking about their experiences and changes in life.  Topics also featured voice history, a series 2 DVD interview with all the actors, and how the American voices were preferred by the original Japanese Yamato fans.

I.C. Entertainment: Steve Bennet gave his informational update to the company's bottom line of releases for the year.  Topics covered speaking about fan service in manga, cultural differences with working with marketing and distributors, the difficulties faced with trying to sell Futuba no Change, and a new release Digi Charat for the excited masses.

Anime Fan Clubs: So you wanna start an anime club?  Experienced members of various Atlanta anime clubs were on hand to speak about meeting times, tape/DVD libraries, going to anime conventions, getting memberships, gaining sponsorships, and much more.
Comics for Girls: Bishounen art is on the rise, and the girls are gaining strides as evidenced by Shutterbox releaed by TokyoPop and other successful titles.  Panelists talked about various paintings, characters, appealing stories coming before the beautiful characters, and much more.

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