Main Events for Anime Weekend Atlanta held up a packed schedule of things to do and people to see.  This year's weekend included game shows like Kaiju Big Battle, Anime Win Lose or Draw, and Anime Press Your Luck.  Contests included the big Costume Contest and the AMV Contest.  Additional evening events included the very stylish Clamp Ballroom Dance on Friday Night and the raging Anime Sushi Dance on Saturday Night.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 9
Main Events

AMV Iron Chef: Years ago, it seemed like eons to crank out an award-winning video edited on a VHS deck with crappy source and a decent audio tape.  Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, everyone and their mom can do high-quality AMVs, but are you ready for the Ultimate Challenge?  This year's cream of the crop gathered here at AWA to see who shall become the supreme AMV Iron Chef!

DDR Project: Dance like you wanna dance!  But dance even better than you've danced before with DDR Projects big contest challenge held across the busy weekend.  With tunes popping up from the best of the best DDR soundtracks, contestants were able to get a decent workout for the weekend.  Whatever you think about video games, DDR still remains the best way to lose weight and gain some leg muscle!

Costume Contest: Is it possible to keep track of over 100 entries in this year's costume contest?  Young and old, AWA's cosplay entries came from all over the map: Card Captor Sakura, DragonBall Z, Rurouni Kenshin, Pretty Sammy, Trigun, Ah! My Goddess, Final Fantasy X, Blue Seed, Dir en Grey, Wish, Captain Harlock, Inuyasha, Digimon, Clover, Spirited Away, Guilty Gear, Berserk, Final Fantasy 6, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy 9, Kingdom Hearts, Digi Charat, Utena, Excel Saga, Final Fantasy 8, X-Men, PowerPuff Girls, Chobits, Hellsing, Nanako, Sailor Moon, Magna Carta, Tokyo Mew Mew, One PIece, Sera Myu, SNK, Bubblegum Crisis, Shaman King, .hack//sign, Vampire Princess Miyu, Samurai Shodown, Angelic Layer, Final Fantasy X-2, Cowboy BeBop, Weib Kreub, Tokyo Babylon, Legend of Zelda, Tenchi Muyou, Hyper Police, Suikoden 3, Final Fantasy 7, Fushigi Yugi, Escaflowne, Ranma 1/2, Full Moon, Pita-ten, Real Bout High School, Malice Mizer, Lunar Silver Star Story, X1999, Gundam, Love Hina, Furikuri, Yuyu Hakesho, Xenosaga, Porco Rosso, Kingdom Hearts, Outlaw Star, Urusei Yatsura, Saiyuki, Ragnarok Online, Dead or Alive 3, Yugioh, Devilman, Lunar 2, and Paradise Kiss.

Anime Weekend Atlanta Costume Contest Awards:
Honorable Mention Youth Award: Rurouni Kenshin
Best in Show Youth: Pretty Sammy
Certificate of Achievement: PowerPuff Boys
Cutest Dud: Rabi en Rose and Dejiko from Digi Charat
Attention to Detail: Inuyasha with big sword
Best Technical: Mana
Best Varmint: Kirari from Inuyasha
Best Armored Varmint: Kimahri from Final Fantasy X
Best in Show Novice: Chocobo
Best in Show Journeyman: Adora
Best in Show Master: Tsumomo from Digimon
Best in Show Anime: Harlock and Esmeraldas
Best in Show Video Game: Amano-style Final Fantasy 6 group
Best in Show Video Game: Nemesis
Best in Show J-Rock: Kyo from Dir en Grey

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