Anime Weekend Atlanta 10 was packed with events, panels, and workshops throughout the insane weekend.  From karaoke to cosplay, AMVs to ballroom dancing, modelmaking to arts and crafts, AWA had it all, and we haven't even touched all the other sides of the hallways yet!

Anime Weekend Atlanta 10
Convention Activities

Interactive Panels and Workshops: AWA had lots of opportunities for attendees to enjoy their big anime weekend.  The schedule was packed with Karaoke, AMVs, workshops, and lots of displays including Modelmaking with Steve Kyte, Photoshop Tips, Writing for Manga, Fanfictions, Anime Music Productions, Ballroom Dancing School (for the big Rose Ball event), and lots more.

Cosplay Gallery: Think you got what it takes to be one of the best cosplayers in the world?  Just want some inspiration on your next costume?  Stuck on a costume idea but not sure how to put it together?  AWA10 had an excellent show of dedicated cosplay support with a nice cosplay room where attendees could peek into some of the award-winning creations from the masters.  Characters included Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem (from Dragon*Con), Rose Bride Utena, Auron from Final Fantasy X, Captain Harlock and Esmeraldas, Kyo from Dir en Grey, Eiko from Final Fantasy 9, Yuzuriha from X1999, Renamon from Digimon, Iria, and a SWAT team member from Appleseed.

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