From Japan to the Americas and Canada, Guests of Honor filled up the weekend's excitement factor with lots of panels, workshops, and big concerts.  Guests of Honor for this year included: Atsuko Enemoto (singer, Digi Charat, Angelic Layer), Nobuyuki Ohnishi (painter, Wings of Honneamise), Steve Bennett (artist, Studio Ironcat), Richard Cox (voice actor, Inuyasha), Michael Dobson (voice actor, Escaflowne), Brian Drummond (voice actor, Captain Harlock), Ben Dunn (artist, Antarctic Press), David Kaye (voice actor, Megatron in Beast Wars Transformers), Les Major (animator, Pristine Tribe), Moneca Stori (voice actress, Kagome in Inuyasha), and Studio Udon (independent artists group).

Anime North 2004
Guests of Honor

Michael Dobson and Brian Drummond on stage answering questions from the audience during their voice acting panel.

Nobuyuki Ohnishi signing autographs for all his fans in the TCC.

Atsuko Enomoto performing her big J-Pop concert.
David Kaye, Moneca Stori, and Richard Cox answering questions during their voice acting panel.

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