AFO 2005's weekend full of panels and discussions had a full schedule of interesting things to learn and participate in.  From industry leaders to fan functions, fans could sit in and listen to everything from computer animation to cosplay, manga development to trivia shows, and voice acting to AMVs.

Anime Festival Orlando 2005
Panels and Workshops

Game Shows: Think you got what it takes to be the Anime Trivia King or Queen?  AFO's featured game shows included The Weakest Geek, Anime Name That Tune, Final Jeopardy, and Win Lose or Draw, all of which saw glorious brain battles between anime fans.

Costume Construction: Cosplayers rejoice!  Topics covered in this panel for the fabric-junkies included frilly trims, petticoats, wigs, use of dressforms, dealing with large dresses, making accessories, and numerous other knickknacks that make a cool costume.

Transformers Collection: For the toy gurus who think they have it all, this panel delved into topics such as American (plastic) vs. Japanese (metal) editions, explaining the Generation series, 25th Anniversary celebration, Binaltech Alternators showing off their latest details and unprecedented articulation, and much more.
More Panels and Workshops: Manga Drawing and Character Design, Production Pipeline, Photoshop with Doug Smith, Super Robot Time Warp, Modeling and Detailing, Asian Ball Joint Dolls, Origami, Horror Anime, Shonen Ai, Karaoke Revolution Party, Yaoi Friday, Voice Acting 101, Translating Manga, Cel Painting, Taiko Drums, Anime Music Video Critique, Mappy's LOL at the Internet, Robot Rumble, and much more.

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