Main Events for this year's Anime Festival Orlando covered everything from games to cosplay to music videos to Guests of Honor.  AFO's lineup of Guests of Honor this year included artists, voice actors, and producers: Chris Sabat, Tony Oliver, Steve Yun and Tom Bateman from Harmony Gold, Bob Bergen, Michael Richard Dobson, Lex Lang, Sandy Fox, Steve Bennett, Doug Smith, and Jan Scott Frazier.  Special Events lined up for the busy weekend included all weekend long marathon Transformers and Sentai shows screening rooms, anime trivia game shows like The Weakest Geek, Anime Name That Tune, Final Jeopardy, and Win Lose or Draw, the always popular Anime Music Video contest, Video Gaming Tournaments, Quick Draw Contest in the artists alley, and of course, the favorite of the weekend: Happy! Happy! COSPLAY Go! Go! Go! otherwise known as the cosplay contest held in 2 parts, cosplay performances on Saturday and then costume judging on Sunday.

Anime Festival Orlando 2005
Main Events

In a TV Guide theme show, cosplay judges Chris Sabat, Sandy Fox, and Lex Lang prepare to judge and announce scores for the cosplay contestants.

#1 Team Trogdor presented Fruits Basket #2 This catgirl sang the Agashi no Ceres theme song
#3 It's FFX-3 with Lulu's Happy Funky Dance Party!

#4 2/5th Cosplay presented I Wanna Be a Cowgirl dance #5 Mexican Food Friends presented Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon
#6 Gothic Heartless Chicks get their groove on for the judges #7 Rabid Fan Phobia pokes fun at YuYu Hakesho #8 Full Metal Alchemist cosplayers showed off their Anti-Ninja dance skills

#9 It's Maki Musume from Florida's own Morning Musume team #10 Big O's Roger Smith has lost his pocketwatch #11 Showing off their stunt fighting skills, it's Chun-Li and Cammy from Street Fighter 2

#12 Vincent Valentine sings his Kamekazi Karaoke for the audience #13 In the ricefield, it's the Uchiha brothers vs. Naruto and friends #14 And now presenting Anime Eye for the Normal Guy complete with booty shakin' for the judges

Anime Festival Orlando 2005 Cosplay Presentation Awards
Best Drama Award:
#1 Team Trogdor with Fruits Basket
Best Gaming Award:
#12 Kamikaze Karaoke's Vincent Valentine
Best Comedy Award:
#14 Anime Eye for the Normal Guy
Best Music Award:
#8 Anti-Shrimp's Full Metal Alchemist
Best of Show Award:
#9 Morning Musume
#15 Happy Boys and Happy Girls! And now for the awards!

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