Guests of Honor for this year's Anime Festival Orlando included: Hiroshi Aro ("Futaba-kun Change"), Steve Bennett (Studio IronCat), Keith Burgess (Manga Entertainment and Voice Actor), Lindsay Cibos (Studio Cutepet), Chynna Clugston-Major ("Blue Monday"), Robert Dejesus (Studio Capsule), Scott Frazier (Trimedia East), Ben Dunn ("Ninja High School"), Marshall Hash (Animation: Master 3D Software), Jared Hodges (Studio Cutepet), Wendee Lee (Voice Actress), Doug Smith (Studio IronCat and Voice Actor), Miyuki Sugimori (amezaiku candy crafter), and Yoshiki Tokushu (AnimeKomix).

Anime Festival Orlando 3
Guests of Honor

Doug Smith always hard at work cranking out all that cool art for the Studio IronCat fans.

Scott Frazier and Hiroshi Aro at their focus panels speaking about their experiences in the manga and anime business.
Robert Dejesus is not one to show laziness at anime cons, as he cranks out lots more art for his dedicated fans in Florida.

Steve Bennett, the head honcho behind Studio IronCat, dishes out autographs and artwork for his fans.
Keith Burgess of Manga Entertainment is all smiles at every con, and Florida is another sunny day for him.

Ben Dunn at his panel after discussion about publishing his latest works and teaching others how to follow the right procedures into the world of manga.
Chynna Clugston-Major is all smiles in the Dealers Room as she shows off her latest works for her fans.
Keith Burgess, Doug Smith, and Wendee Lee at the voice acting panel talking about the challenging lives they face in today's tough acting world.

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