Anime Central 2004 Masquerade brought the house down with such heightened momentum and enthusiasm thanks to the convention's EVIL JUDGES and organizers.  It was all about glorious evil and pocky sticks and everything else in between!  Feel the love and eat some pocky!

Anime Central 2004
Masquerade Gallery 2

#s1: Religious intervention sees to it that Pimp Ash is given one more chance to redeem himself before succumbing to plundering the "assets" of Pikachu and her buds.
Winner!  Judges Choice "It Ain't Easy Pimpin'" Award

#s2: Not Ready for Bandai Players presented Bishounen Ai for the Tough Guy: Ninja Gatchaman guy needs a new refresh on style and pizzazz and romantic bravado!

#s5: YRP: In Position!  The fabulous songstress Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 singing and dancing to the beat of now well-known title track.
Winner!  Judges Choice Honorable Mention
#s6: What exactly was Anno thinking when Evangelion was created?  Well, we've got his version, the fan version, the religious version, and now... this version.
Winner!  Judges Choice Presentation Award

#s7: UCJS Tales from the Southside: G-man tinks he's got the winning end of the pimpin' deal until Lupin the III outwits him!

#s8: Another pointless sidequest?  Has this ever happened to you?  Then try new Oxy-Evil!  Call now and get a complimentary towel and chamois!
Winner!  Judges Choice Presentation Award
#s10: Pen Pen thinks he's got the better of the song choice with Butterfly, until Shampoo's favorite Kiss Me Kiss Me song comes up!

#s11: Anime Eye for the Fanboys: The Fab Five Anime Fashion Divas presented another spectacular fashion makeover for the drab anime otaku; oh life just keeps gettin' better.
Winner!  Judges Choice "Black Magic" Award

#s13: It's a fight to the finish as Space Channel 5's Space Michael challenges various anime characters to a super stage dance battle.
Winner!  Best in Show Cosplay Individual Construction
#s15: Magical otaku powers unite to save the day from a mad scientist creating the Evil Con!  Of course, with a little help from convention security!

#s17: So Desu Ne Cosplay presented the Ultimate Love Showdown with musical characters from Violist of Hamelin dueling for love and honor!  Well, until the cheating starts...
Winner!  Judges Choice "Mad Props" Award

#s18: Behind The Music presented another glorious song and dance welcoming you to the Final Fantasy world with pocky love.
Winner!  Best in Show Honorable Mention Performance Award
#s19: It's Magic!  Slayers characters presented an awesome stage musical version of the anime series to the tune of Greased Lightning!

#s23: In the name of love and peace, Vash the Stampede encounters the new ACen masquerade props rules with hilarious results as nearly all of his "extension violations" have to... come off.
Winner!  Best in Show Group Performance
#s26: Star Ocean's Claude and Ashton's Infamous Private Action presented a drunken singing version of...  of... being gay.  Words cannot even explain this one.  haha
Winner!  Judges Choice "Head to Toe" Award

Anime Central Cosplay Masquerade 2004 Awards

Costume Construction Awards
Judges Choice "Mad Props" Award: #s17 So Desu Ne's Violinist of Hamelin
Judges Choice "It Ain't Easy Pimpin'" Award: #s1 Pokemon Pimp group
Judges Choice "Fun with Appliqué" Award: Sesshomarou from Inuyasha
Judges Choice "Amano" Award: Gogo from Final Fantasy VI
Judges Choice "Just Catch That Bus!" Award: CatBus from My Neighbor Totoro
Judge's Choice "Everyone Loves a Moogle" Award: Moogle Girl from Final Fantasy
Judges Choice Award: Kare Kano girls
Judges Choice "Black Magic" Award: #s11: Mages Yuna and Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2
Judges Choice "Wheel of Fortune" Award: Laughing Man from Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex
Judges Choice "Head to Toe" Award: #s26: Star Ocean group
Judges Choice Award: Cosmo Warrior Zero
Judges Choice Award: Witch Hunter Robin
Judges Choice Award: Kingdom Hearts
Judges Choice Honorable Mention: #s5 Songstress Yuna
Best in Show Cosplay Individual Construction: Balmug
Honorable Mention Cosplay Group Construction: Utena and Anthy Rose
Best in Show Cosplay Group Construction: #s25 Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust group

Cosplay Presentation Awards
Judges Choice Presentation Award: Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro
Judges Choice Presentation Award: #s8 Oxy-Evil group
Judges Choice Presentation Award: #s6 Pocky Dance group
Honorable Mention Presentation Award: Witch Hunter Robin
Best in Show Individual Performance Award: #s22 Ed from Cowboy Bebop
Best in Show Honorable Mention Performance Award: #s18 Behind The Music with Final Fantasy
Best in Show Group Performance: #s23 Vash the Stampede and ACen Masquerade Rules

Ooo OOO!  Let's see some of those Masquerade Costumes after the show!

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