Anime Central 2004 had something for everyone and this year was no exception with more style and panache than ever before.  Opening Ceremonies and Guest Reception Night gathered attention around the packed Guests of Honor list.  The AMV Iron Chef Music Video Contest continued to gather more and more entries as this field grows with more capable technologies for fans to take advantage of digital media.  Masquerade is always the most popular weekend highlight of the year.  And for those with wandering eyes, SWEK and SID held big concerts, Iron Guest Competitions dominated the weekend entertainment, and who could miss all those crazy Game Shows like Anime Press Your Luck, Anime Price is Right, The GRIDD, and much more!

Anime Central 2004
Main Events 1

Game Shows: Anime Press Your Luck, Anime Price is Right, The GRIDD, and much more were available to attend and possibly join and test your ultimate anime trivia skills!  Oh, we know you want to impress all your buds!

SID the indie J-Rock band held 2 exclusive concerts for their fans.  New band guests for Anime Central, this upcoming group consists of 4 members from the indie J-Rock scene and have been featured in SHOXX magazine and is produced by Hideki Inoue who also produced groups like X Japan and Hide.

SWEK held another great concert for their Midwestern anime fans.  Playing anime-inspired rock rhythms 
and original beats, SWEK pulled in the crowds to a really cool stage concert with a wide range of 
acoustics and stage entertainment.  And the crowds went wild!

Karaoke: The Con Suite not only served up food and backrubs but also served as the 
official Karaoke room with competition and open mic.

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