Panels! Panels! Panels! More panels than you can shake a stick at and then some! Anime Central 2003 offered a huge variety of panels galore featuring many esteemed Guests of Honor, noted fans, and industry representatives from the domestic anime kingdoms all heading healthy discussions on various exciting anime and manga-related topics ranging from new shows, fan activities, industry follow-ups, historical perspectives, and other forms of fan entertainment lasting all throughout the day. Packed full of attendees, every single panel or activity offered something to learn from. If only school or work meetings were this stimulating.

Anime Central 2003
Panels and Discussions 3

Fan Fiction: Fans of the fan fiction community discussed the ongoing evolution of styles, quality of writing, languages, choice of characters, character development, crossovers, and of course, pondering the almighty Initial D / Dukes of Hazard crossover.

Inside Anime Music: Big names Tanaka, Ishida, and Okamoto discussed the process of producing and directing all those neat songs for the anime crowds.  Topics included compositions, budgets, editing, lyrics, and much more!

Anime Idol: With a lot of help from Big Apple Anime Fest, Anime Idol got underway with a great group of excited constestants all vying for the coveted prize of a chance to voice act on a real anime video!  Judges Chris Patton and Tom Wayland scored participating fans on microphone delivery, drama, technical merit, speed and accuracy, and pure vocal entertainment.  Winners of the contest were announced in Sunday's Newsletter: Third Place: Kate Peterson, Second Place: Hilary Thomas, and First Place: Peter Heimsoth.  The big question is who on Labor Day at Big Apple Anime Fest will be the Chosen One!

Imbrium Studios: Cutting Corners with Lightwave:  Experienced users of Lightwave were on hand to lead this informative workshop.  Topics included rendering simple to complex objects, using cel shader, moving vertices, use of polygons, various lighting conditions, and pointing out the wide assortment and use of textures.

Anime in Academia: Think it's easy to break into the anime industry?  Panelists educated the green eared fans as topics dealt with having a good high school art education, learning about animation in all countries, studying world history, cultural imagery, mythology, dealing with corporate Japan, and much more.

Additional panels and discussions held throughout the weekend included: Nuts and Bolts of Producing Anime, Anime Gamers / Synch-Point, Para Para Advanced Technique Panel, Manga Entertainment, Aptly-Named Paradise Kiss, EVA-Lasting, Fan-Subbing, J-Rock Discussion, Bob DeJesus and Studio Capsule, Big O Fan Panel, Evening Utterly Wasted with Jan Scott Frazier, Online Journalism, Courgariphics Digital Paint Workshop, Scoring Anime Music with Faulconer Productions, Bruce Lewis' Manga Clinic, Passionate Male Friendship: The Yaoi Panel, The Right Stuf, Inside the Voice Actor Studio, Behind the Sakura Taisen, Onegai Teacher!, Inu-Yasha Fan Panel, Directing the Big O, Writing for Anime, FUNimation, AnimEigo, Central Park Media, ADV Films, Dubs That Time Forgot, Sanrio's Other Anime, Bad Anime!, Making Fan Parodies, The Production Path with Jan Scott Frazier, Cheap Disposable Entertainment, Small Press Comics Roundtable, Video Gaming for the Anime Enthusiast, AN Entertainment, Imbrium Studios: Tips and Tricks in Photoshop, Producing in the Video Game Industry, Para Para Exhibition, Inside the Voice Actor Studio: East Meets West, Voices from Both Sides of the Pond, Art Auction, IC Entertainment, VIZ Communications, Directing Anime, Meet Duel Jewel!, Traditional Japanese Garb and Anime Costuming, Kazecon, Anime Explosion, Nausicaa Fan Panel, Cel Painting Discussion, Imbrium Studios: Anthropomorthics, Imbrium Studios: Writing Panel, and many more!
Tough Guys and Their Japanese Toy Collections: He may look mean and rugged, but look in his room and he'll be glad to show you his huge collection of *gasp!* plushies and anime doll figures, all from shows like Trigun, Mospeada, Gundam, Chobits, etc.  Subjects featured the avid collection of various popular toys, storage bins, furniture to show them off, and much more.

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