Anime Central 2003 had something for everyone and this year was no exception with more style and panache than ever before.  Opening Ceremonies and Guest Reception Night gathered attention around the packed Guests of Honor list.  The AMV Iron Chef Music Video Contest continued to gather more and more entries as this field grows with more capable technologies for fans to take advantage of digital media.  Masquerade is always the most popular weekend highlight of the year.  And for those with wandering eyes, SWEK and Duel Jewel held big concerts, Iron Guest Competitions dominated the weekend entertainment, and who could miss all those crazy Game Shows like Anime Idol, The Game Show, Anime Match Game, 25,000Y Pyramid, Fanboy Feud, and the world premiere of Anime Press Your Luck!

Anime Central 2003
Main Events 2

Iron Guest Competitions dominated the Anime Central 2003 weekend entertainment with big names like Fred "Piro" Gallagher, Bruce Lewis, Takeshi Honda, and Hidenori Matsubara all competing for quality and skill in a fight against time in front of a big audience.  Skill, panache, and style all at odds for the title of Iron Guest!  Clockwise from top-left: Takeshi Honda, Hidenori Matsubara, Bruce Lewis, and Fred "Piro" Gallagher.
Iron Guest Competitions yielded some of most amazing works yet.  Top-left are the pieces by Fred "Piro" Gallagher (left) and Bruce Lewis (right) competing for the secret ingredient: Kawaiism!  Results of the competitions are as follows: Takeshi Honda vs. Hidenori Matsubara: Winner is Matsubara!  Bruce Lewis vs. Fred "Piro" Gallagher: Winner is Gallagher!  Congratulations to all the Iron Guests and the Challengers!  The Japanese competing works were immediately given away to dedicated audience members as shown above in a huge rock-paper-scissors competition.

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