How do you top an outstanding array of panels in 1999?  By holding even more panels in 2000!  That's exactly what Anime Central 2K did this year with so many forum events and discussions to attend, we couldn't go to them all!  But we did our best to capture as many as we could.  With the exploding popularity of English voice actors, DVDs, manga works, and computer graphics in anime, Anime Central 2K played host to a growing number of audience participation discussions and activity rooms sure to satiate the appetites of even the most hungry convention attendees.

Panels 7

Adapting and Dubbing Animation: moderators Michael Alben (Central Park Media), Toshi Yoshida (Viz Video), Jeff Thompson (Right Stuf), and Crispin Freeman discussed the process behind writing and editing the scripts behind English-adapted anime titles as well as finding good voices and producers, and seeing a project through its release to the domestic market.
Creating Comics in the Manga Style Part 2: Cartooning in the Manga Style; "Smooth Operator" Bruce Lewis takes the helm once again to instruct attendees on how to differentiate American-style art from Japanese anime/manga-style art, as well as teaching how to draw manga-style characters and backgrounds using traditional manga techniques. Industry Panel: AD Vision Films; David Williams and Matt Greenfield announced their upcoming titles and talked about the company's aspirations into the new DVD market and fansubs.
Anime Music Video Workshop: Ever wanted to see anime music videos on MTV?  Joe Croasdaile of Maroboshi Studios, Jason Salce of Reality/Yagami, Elaine Kirkindall, and Ted Cooper of Karinkuru Anime showed off their newest music videos and talked about how to find the most inspiring songs to apply the magical video splicing art onto their favorite anime. Industry Panel: Manga Entertainment; With the X movie, Perfect Blue, and Castle of Cagliostro on their belts, what other surprises did this great company have to offer?  You'll have to see for yourself in a few months!
Voice Acting Workshop: vocal instructors Crispin Freeman and Shannon Berry helped participating audience members learn cool tips and techniques on how to develop great acting skills and solid interaction with fellow cast members.  Using excerpts from popular Broadway plays, the scenes ranged from emotional drama to witty banter and gave the attendees insight into how much work a voice actor must go through to achieve proper character acting form.

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