How do you top an outstanding array of panels in 1999?  By holding even more panels in 2000!  That's exactly what Anime Central 2K did this year with so many forum events and discussions to attend, we couldn't go to them all!  But we did our best to capture as many as we could.  With the exploding popularity of English voice actors, DVDs, manga works, and computer graphics in anime, Anime Central 2K played host to a growing number of audience participation discussions and activity rooms sure to satiate the appetites of even the most hungry convention attendees.

Panels 6

Costuming Workshop: costuming experts Prairie Rose Clayton and two Daves shared secrets with attendees on costume layouts and stitching challenges as well as shopping around for the best pieces of fabrics and trimmings to construct a fabulous anime costume on a tight budget.
Anime on DVD: representatives from AD Vision, Bandai Entertainment, AnimEigo, and Media Blasters share inside information with attendees on their upcoming DVD titles as well as listened to fan input on what the general audience would like to see more of as far as video and audio quality and extra features DVDs can take advantage of over old videotapes.
Writing Shoujo Manga: guests Chiho Saito (left) and Tomoko Taniguchi (right) talked about the ingredients needed to write a great story for the female audience, including intricate plot developments, romantic scenarios inspired from worldwide trips, character designs inspired from watching beautiful people in movies, and making sure the artwork stays true to its unique stylish and romantic form.  Discussed examples used were Saito's "Revolutionary Girl Utena" and Taniguchi's acclaimed "Call Me Princess" mangas.
Inside the Voice Actor's Studio: Lisa Ortiz, popularly known as the high-pitched voice behind Linna Inverse of the hilarious Slayers anime, let audiences in on the day-in-the-life voice acting studio scenarios, building up a voice for a certain character, formal vocal training, vocal range development, how to cope with scripts, and taking care of one's voice (i.e. don't smoke, eat properly, and sleep regular hours). A wonderful favorite at Anime Central this year, Lisa Ortiz gladly looks at her fans' artworks and autograph books, a cherished honor that didn't exist for English anime voice actors a decade ago.

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