How do you top an outstanding array of panels in 1999?  By holding even more panels in 2000!  That's exactly what Anime Central 2K did this year with so many forum events and discussions to attend, we couldn't go to them all!  But we did our best to capture as many as we could.  With the exploding popularity of English voice actors, DVDs, manga works, and computer graphics in anime, Anime Central 2K played host to a growing number of audience participation discussions and activity rooms sure to satiate the appetites of even the most hungry convention attendees.

Panels 4

Inside the Voice Actor's Studio: moderated by Amy Howard, Brett Weaver, and Jessica Calvello, discussions involved a typical day-in-the-life scenario of an average voice actor's workday as well as keeping open minds to industry changes and developing vcoal ranges for future character prospects.  Amy Howard gave insight on her experiences with Starblazers while Brett and Jessica added experiences with their current anime voice-acting projects.
Guest Panel: Ryo Mizuno and The Accursed Island; inspired and developed by old Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, Ryo Mizuno discussed with his large audience his challenges on creating an epic Record of Lodoss Wars saga and making it a reality for the anime fans.  With numerous intricate side-stories and character developments, Mizuno chronicled the early story creation and anime production with celebrity anime character designers and voices. 
Fan Animation Workshop: moderated by Even "Daisuke" Nelson of the Anime Central 2K opening and 7-Studio-7, Sam Crider of the Anime Central 98-99 openings, Shawn the Touched of White Radish, Mike Schwark of Pseudome, and Ron R. Kaulfersch of Pseudome, these animation enthusiasts spoke at detailed length with fans about the ingredients needed to make a great fan animation masterpiece worthy of being shown for large audiences such as anime conventions where fans are picky about everything from characters to voices and music.  While talents are easy to find, they obviously had many hurdles to jump with current technologies for software rendering, traditional cel animation, sound engineering, and harsh personal schedules. 
Guest Panel: Kunihiko Ikuhara and Chiho Saito; mostly focusing on the spirit of "Revolutionary Girl Utena," the guests talked at length with their excited fans about their current works as well as touching base on future projects and aspirations on shoujo anime and manga development.

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