How do you top an outstanding array of panels in 1999?  By holding even more panels in 2000!  That's exactly what Anime Central 2K did this year with so many forum events and discussions to attend, we couldn't go to them all!  But we did our best to capture as many as we could.  With the exploding popularity of English voice actors, DVDs, manga works, and computer graphics in anime, Anime Central 2K played host to a growing number of audience participation discussions and activity rooms sure to satiate the appetites of even the most hungry convention attendees.

Panels 2

Web Design Workshop: With a outstanding list of award-winning expert website creators from,, and, this discussion forum featured important points on the best use of HTML frames and tables, Netscape and system graphics optimization, proper use of page space, popular graphics tools (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint, Paintshop Pro, etc.), navigational linking tips, popular webpage editors (HomeSite, DreamWeaver, Frontpage 2000, good 'ol Notepad, Adobe Pagemill, etc.), and inspirational websites.  For the curious webseekers, the LLNN Media Division uses Frontpage 2000 and Photoshop 5.5, testing on Netscape 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4-5, testing on Macs and PCs, and is an advocate for stylish simplicity without all the Java or Flash bells and whistles for all its websites under (aka Usagichan Company Search and Rescue).
Mythological Heroes in Anime: moderator Crispin Freeman took attendees on an inspiring journey through tall tales of ancient times to analyze the parallels between famous mythological gods, goddesses, heroes, and legends and modern plots applied to great anime shows of our time.  Examples used came from popular heroic action movies, books, and legends and studying what the power of myth has on human psyche and what role it plays in our everyday lives.
Audience in wonderment at the Mythological Heroes in Anime panel also engaged in healthy discussion concerning new shoujo shows and mangas.  Also attending were friends Brett Weaver and Amy Howard (far left). Import Video Gaming: moderators Jason Dvorak, James Alsup, and Tom McNulty discussed the future of Japanese video games brought overseas to America and what impact it may have on the domestic gaming industry.
Publishing on the Web: moderators Michael "slade" O'Toole (left) of Anime Jump! and Timothy "tekaneda" Georgi (right) of @anime! discuss the challenges behind building your own anime webzine dedicated to dispensing free online anime information, such as latest anime titles, reviews, show synopses and articles, and other cool stuff.

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