How do you top an outstanding array of panels in 1999?  By holding even more panels in 2000!  That's exactly what Anime Central 2K did this year with so many forum events and discussions to attend, we couldn't go to them all!  But we did our best to capture as many as we could.  With the exploding popularity of English voice actors, DVDs, manga works, and computer graphics in anime, Anime Central 2K played host to a growing number of audience participation discussions and activity rooms sure to satiate the appetites of even the most hungry convention attendees.

Panels 1

Creating Comics in the Manga Style, Part 1: Storytelling in the Manga Style;  moderated by "smooth operator" Bruce Lewis, this workshop delved into the architecture of storytelling using traditional Japanese forms of action, romance, and style for character and plot introduction and synthesis. Industry Panel: AnimEigo;  moderated by AnimEigo translator and subtitling producer Shin Kurokawa, this discussion brought fans up to date on the latest releases coming out of AnimEigo's vast warehouse of anime goodies.
Guest Panel: Meet Tomoko Taniguchi; this discussion forum featured a unique roundtable format where fans got to ask about Taniguchi's current manga works such as "Call Me Princess" as well as upcoming works.  The Pokemon Call Part 1; moderated by "JigglyPuff herder" Jason Jenson, five motley crew members of the audience got a chance to compete for the most unique interpretation of an assigned Pokemon character performing a certain action.  The results were quite hilarious.  Pokemon fans, this is where you want to be if you have mastered the JigglyPuff sleeping melody.
The Doujinshi Hour: moderated by Dan Kanemitsu, this discussion forum featured a history of the manga doujinshi, where to get the best at Japan's Komike Market, and future goals for aspiring doujinshi artists here in America. Industry Panel: Fanboy Entertainment; this discussion forum featured announcements of upcoming manga works as well as Q&As about this expanding business.
Above and below: Steve Bennett's Cel Painting Workshop; Studio Ironcat's Steve Bennett leads young fans onward through thick paints and acrylic sheets as he teaches quick lessons on how to properly paint animation cels and preserve them for eternity.  With a small fee, fans could participate in this workshop by choosing to paint a pre-inked cel of their own and go home with a cool souvenir.  One of the most popular workshops at any anime convention.

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