Storms blazed with fury outside.  Thunderclouds threatened tornado watches.  Flights delayed and chaos ran rampant in various parts of the world.  But here at Anime Central, ignorance was a welcomed bliss and across a three-day weekend of fun-filled extravaganza of anime events, attendees forgot what daily dull rituals they usually performed and kept true to having lots of fun attending panels, receptions, ceremonies, spending quality time with wallets in the Exhibit Hall, and cosplaying with friends around the halls in style.  Where else could you feel so important and be respected with friends and fellow attendees for having a avid interest in a cool hobby?


Anime Central Information Desk spins a few anime and techno dance club mix records for the wandering convention crowds. Located just outside the Registration exit, another Anime Central Information Desk dutifully answers all concerns and questions during a short staffers' lunch break.
LLNN member Evil Taka at the "Ultraman Party" on Friday night.  Replete with dimmed mood lighting, drinks, and interesting characters walking in the door, this party was not unlike many others held that night, some involving trading cards, watching anime shows, or chatting up a storm about favorite anime and manga bought in the Exhibit Hall. And speaking of buying stuff in the two Exhibit Halls, if you didn't get a Pikachu by now, something must be wrong with you!
God Bless America and the open frontier as House of Anime takes up four parking spaces to proudly show who is king around the Midwest anime convention.  Hey, it's free parking.
What's a convention without the fan-based media?  This year's Anime Central played host to many groups with a desire to interview many Guests and avid cosplayers who have become comfortable with the exploding anime convention phenomena.
Always packed and always a treat for many eager anime convention attendees, it's refreshing and exciting to see so many participate in more and more anime-involved workshops and discussion groups, a far cry from the more sedate and serious computer and automobile engineering convention seminars. Convention Operations Director Scott "OldCrow" Rider ponders his long-awaited dinner options as the convention draws to a close during Closing Ceremonies.  Fellow online buds and LLNN groupies KKen, Rabi, Akane, HardKOR, Outis, Conty, and Asrial sit nearby.
The largest LLNN anime convention report to date, this would not have been made possible without the cooperation and contribution of Anime Central staff and friends for who this coverage is dedicated to.  Shown above is only a smattering of those who help QA the info and photos as well as work very hard to put on a good show for all the attendees! And yes, we all have a sense of humor!  Again, to all cosplayers, Guests, ACen staffers and volunteers, thanks for a cool convention and LLNN will be there next year!

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