Anime Central made a wise decision to relocate its expanding convention to the Sheraton Arlington Park in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  Despite the weather, the slightly confusing array of hotel layouts, and lack of nearby food locales, it was still quite a luxurious and pleasing place to be for all the LLNN staff (we took advantage of any food at any time during the day).  Check-in-and-out was never a hassle and even through all the construction (the hotel is upgrading many programming rooms), the convention still went on without a hiccup.  


By day, the Sheraton is a handsome hotel indeed, with plenty of FREE parking and is relatively easy to get to from anywhere around Illinois (LLNN staff all flew in from California and had no problems). By night, the Sheraton is aglow with a presence of comfort and warmth from the constantly changing Midwestern weather.  From warm sunny skies to absolutely unfathomable rains you can't even see through, the hotel was a great respite away from the cruel real world for the average convention attendee.
Every room was replete with solid luxury and creature comforts most convention attendees only dream about and we only paid a mere $80 a night! Beds fit for a king!  Our resident staff illustrator Lionel hated waking up every morning to get out of this very comfortable bed to hit the early panels.
Not a stranger to outdoor events (horse race events), the Sheraton had no problem with hoisting up its own outdoor tent to host the Guest Reception and Cosplay Reception and Photo Ops. A rare view of the hotel while the sun is still shining.  Moments later, a torrential rainfall came out of practically nowhere as stormclouds rushed in.  Normal weather for the Illinois people this time of year.  Maybe next year, we'll catch some inclement weather for the LLNN storm chasing fans.
Not for the faint of heart or wallet, Delaney & Murphy offered a very upscale menu of hearty steaks and entrees ($20-40) which the LLNN staff is very used to (we all have nice engineering jobs  hehehe). Thirsty for something other than the casual soda?  Trophies had an exquisite bar stocked with the good stuff for the old-time fans who could sit back and reminisce about the good 'ol days of Speed Racer and Gigantor.
Of course, for the budget-conscious fans, the hotel had its own luncheon buffet court that offered a more pleasing array of affordable ($6-15) dishes. Not an establishment without character, the hotel has hints of the main venue of events it usually caters to (next door to Arlington Racetrack).

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