Anime Central 2K's attending Guests this year were: Ryo Mizuno (creator of the entire "Record of Lodoss Wars" universe and author of "Legend of Crystania" series), Kunihiko Ikuhara (director for "Maple Town Stories," "Sailor Moon TV series," "Sailor Moon R" movie, and "Revolutionary Girl Utena"), Chiho Saito (artist for manga works "Revolutionary Girl Utena," "Marionette," "Purple Flower," "White Dress Waltz," "Madonna of the Flower Crown," "Lilac Serenade," "Silver Opera," and many others), Tomoko Taniguchi (artist for critically acclaimed shoujo mangas "Call Me Princess" and "Aquarium"), Tsukasa Kotobuki (chief assistant of Kenichi Sonoda's "Gunsmith Cats" manga, character designer for "Saber Marionette," "Lamune and 40 Fire," and "Battle Arena Tonshinden"), Daiken Yoko-o (all-around great bumbling ACen terrorist and personal assistant to Kotobuki), Crispin Freeman (voice actor for Hallas and Zelgadis in "Slayers," Touga and Dios in "Revolutionary Girl Utena," Captain Tylor in "Irresponsible Captain Tylor," Spark in "Lodoss War" TV series, and does script adaptations for the "Pokemon" TV show), Megan Hollingshead (voice actress for Nurse Joy, Casey, Duplica, and many other voices in "Pokemon" TV series and movie, and Tsubasa in Sony Playstation's new "Valkyrie Profile"), Lisa Ortiz (voice actress for Deedlit in "Record of Lodoss Wars," Lina Inverse in "Slayers," Ellis in "Battle Arena Toshinden," Azalyn/Emi/Yumi in "Irresponsible Captain Tylor," and many voices in "Pokemon"), Amy Howard (voice actress for Nova in "Starblazers" and Miranda in "Irresponsible Captain Tylor"), Jessica Calvello (voice actress for Mink in "DragonHalf"), Steve Bennett (apprenticed in Japan on such titles as "Urusei Yatsura" and Art Director for the very popular cel painting workshops, Robert DeJesus (fan artist of Antarctic Press and Playstation Magazine 100% Independent), Bruce Lewis (artist and writer for many "Robotech" novels and Manga Max magazine), C.B. Cebulski (successful manga division executive of Central Park Media and one of the founders of Fanboy Entertainment), Takeshi Miyazawa (artist for "Sidekicks" from Fanboy Comics), J. Torres (writer for "Sidekicks" manga from Fanboy Comics), Brett Weaver (voice actor as Carrot in "Sorcerer Hunters," Tora in "Ushio and Tora," and Gai Daigoji in "Martian Successor Nadesico"), Dan Nakrosis (Dano Ink Studios - retouched "Lodoss War" books), Trish Ledoux (Animerica editor and author of "Complete Anime Guide"), and Toshi Yoshida (Viz Video producer and all-around coolest Japanese translator).

Guests of Honor

At Opening Ceremonies: Daiken Yoko-o (center) and Tsukasa Kotobuki (right) Chumming around in the halls with fellow assistant and interpreter, Tsukasa Kotobuki (right)
At the Guests Reception: Chiho Saito (left) and Kunihiko Ikuhara (right) At Closing Ceremonies: Tomoko Taniguchi At Guest Reception: Ryo Mizuno
At Voice Acting panel: the lovely Megan Hollingshead In the hallways between panels: the delightful Amy Howard and Dave Wilson  Always full of energy at all his panels: the inspiring Crispin Freeman
All smiles at Guest Reception: the very talented Lisa Ortiz "Iron Guest" artist extraordinaire Takeshi Miyazawa At Voice Acting panel: the colorful Jessica Calvello

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