What's a convention without a great schedule of events to attend?  This year's Anime Central 2K packed schedule left many audiences a bit glazed and grinning from ear to ear.  So much to do!  So little time!  Take a little tour below to see what went on!

Events Gallery 3

Ryan Gavigan again hosted the annual Game Show in which four contestants compete for some really cool prizes.  This year's show combined audience participation, Jeopardy quiz cues, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? cues, along with a few original ideas to put on a show well worth watching for the humor. The contestants from left to right: Enrique Conty, Ernest Kim, Lauren Smith, and Chris.  Enrique Conty won the final round and walked away with a bag 'o prizes: Cowboy BeBop poster, Utena wallscroll, Rayearth videotapes, Macross Plus eps 1-2 DVD, Gundam Wing vol 1 DVD, and a Game Show trophy.
Lauren quickly tried to buy a certain amount of anime goodies without going over an announced dollar limit. Chris succeeded in making order out of a chaos of anime titles, readying himself to step up to the minigolf challenge stage later to see if he can put that darn ball in the hole.
Anime Central 2K's Cosplay Contest Winner's List:

Best Big Group: Fushigi Yuugi
Best Staff Costume: Bubba Lime (goes without description)
Honorable Mention #1: Cosplay Cuties
Honorable Mention #2: BigglyPuff
Lisa Ortiz's Judge's Choice #1 "God, you sound like a bad dub" award: Slayers
Crispin Freeman's Judge's Choice #2 "Best Dancing Insect" award: Ohmu
Steve Bennett's Judge's Choice #3 "Death by Chocolate" award: Chocolate
Ryan Gavigan's Judge's Choice #4 "Best Idiom" award: Mirage Knights
The Bob Judge's Choice #5 "Best Crate and Gun Barrel" award: Solid Snake
2nd Most Zealous Fan award: Tiramisu
Best of Show: Gojira (Godzilla)

The Anime Central 2K Cosplay Contest was a blast and a half.  With only a mere 30 minute technical delay, Masquerade Coordinator Isaac Sher played well to the very polite audience and competing cosplayers with re-introductions of  Gong Show rules and great commentary on the fabulous costumes and quick performances.  Great job, Isaac!
As with all Costume contests, there is the usual barrage of photo opportunities that cannot be dismissed.  Anime Central thought ahead and gave (you could say rewarded) the cosplayers and photographers a place to hold the Great Masquerade Gathering in a tent just a few steps outside of the hotel (same location as Guests Reception).  Hotel staff even stocked the place with food and beverages for the cosplayers who worked so hard to compete this year. 
As Closing Ceremonies ran into the final hour of this year's fabulous Anime Central 2K, fans gave a resounding applause to one of the most exciting and surprising anime conventions in the Midwestern United States, and the staff at LLNN guarantee another return.  But if you think that's all the events we have to show you, don't forget to check out all the panels!

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