What's a convention without a great schedule of events to attend?  This year's Anime Central 2K packed schedule left many audiences a bit glazed and grinning from ear to ear.  So much to do!  So little time!  Take a little tour below to see what went on!

Events Gallery 1

Opening Ceremonies begins with Anime Central 2K Chairman Ryan Gavigan and Emcee Carl Horn introducing this year's great lineup of Japanese and American guests.  For a detailed guest roster, please visit our Guests section.
Emcee Carl Horn introduces the Japanese guests (second-left to second-right), Kunihiko Ikuhara, Chiho Saito, Tomoko Taniguchi, Ryo Mizuno, assistant of Kotobuki, Daiken Yoko-o, and Tsukasa Kotobuki.
First to take advantage of the "Iron Chef" concept, Anime Central enjoyed tremendous audience approval from its own "Iron Guest" spectacle.  Basically taking cues from the world-renowned Japanese TV cooking competition, Iron Guest paired two great Guest artists against another in a wild dueling feat complete with simulcast cameras and a well-tuned four-judge commentary panel.   First up, Iron Guest Tsukasa Kotobuki of Saber Marionette fame dukes it out with Challenger Philip Moy of PowerPuff Girls fame.  With a 30 minute time frame, artists were given a surprise subject and then let loose to the awe of the audiences as they drew up whatever came to mind.  Fantastic!
The four-judge panel consisted of (left to right) Bruce Lewis, Elizabeth Kirkendall, Brett Weaver, and Ryan Gavigan. Simulcast cameraman steps up the stress level on this competing Anime Central staffer Challenger David West as he courageously proves his worth against the likes of celebrity Iron Guest Takeshi Miyazawa of Sidekicks fame.
Another view of Miyazawa, showing his determination to win as the judges behind jokingly comment on what is going on in the each of the artists' minds as the action progresses towards the final seconds.  Note: all of the guest artwork was donated to the Art Auction and bidded by fans with all proceeds going to charity foundations.
Left: Miyazawa's winning rendition of "Spring."  Right: Miyazawa's winning rendition of "Rain."  Left: Kotobuki's winning rendition of "Party."  Right: Moy's rendition of "Party."
Of course, it's no secret that sekrit agent Linus Lam can also draw a bit... so look for his presence next year as he may step up the plate and be either Challenger or... the Iron Guest!

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